TV/Film Production Support
& EMS Training

Our ultimate goal is to create a safe and secure work environment for everyone in the TV production.


Set Medic & Production Services

Your gateway to seamless production and unparalleled support in the world of TV and film. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of entertainment's demands, we offer tailored services including safety, medics, covid compliance officers, and assistance for Networks and Production Companies. Our journey reflects our dedication to crafting seamless experiences that uphold safety and well-being while letting creativity thrive.

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Medical Training

Medical Training Services

Discover premier EMS training at GEMS. From First Aid to advanced Emergency Medical courses, we empower Networks and Production Companies with vital skills. Our certified EMS instructors meet Alaska's highest standards and ensure top-notch training. We're reshaping entertainment production by specializing in Wilderness Emergency Medicine and Outdoor Survival. Welcome to GEMS, where EMS training meets production excellence.

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What We Do

We work closely with other members of the production team, including the director, producer, and stunt coordinator, to ensure that safety is a top priority throughout the production process. This may involve identifying and mitigating potential hazards on the set, ensuring compliance with relevant safety regulations, profiting safety training regulations, providing safety training to the cast and crew, and overseeing the implementation of safety protocols during filming.

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What We Do

Meet Our Team

Kenya Skaflestad Kenya Skaflestad EIC & Founder of GEMS

Kenya Skaflestad, the visionary behind GEMS. She has received praise for her outstanding efforts in safety and ethical standard in the TV/Film industry. Her exceptional contributions have earn her accolades, especially for her dedication to EMS and creating a secure environment.

Ray Skaflestad Ray Skaflestad Chief of Field Operations

At the heart of GEMS, Ray Skaflestad stands as the unwavering pillar of the organization. Renowned for his steadfast commitment to safety, Ray has earned a multitude of respects. His dedication to offer a sense of belonging on and off the field not only shapes GEMS but also sets industry standards.

Zach Tarleton Zach Tarleton Safety Coordinator

Zach is an expert in backcountry Search and Rescue, Wilderness Medicine, and Big Game Guiding. Holding certifications as a Covid Compliance Officer, Wilderness EMT, and EMS Instructor, his commitment to safety and education is evident across diverse environments.

Alaska Skaflestad Alaska Skaflestad Production Supervisor

Alaska, the heart of GEMS, holds an ETT certification and excels in firearm handling, coupled with her role as a Covid Compliance officer. From active field duty during the day to orchestrating business meetings by night, her multitasking prowess is truly remarkable. All of this is achieved with an infectious smile that embodies her dedication and enthusiasm!

Leticia Skaflestad Leticia Skaflestad Social Media & Marketing Manager

Leticia, a proficient Basic EMT, diligently maintains her up-to-date certifications. While not always on the field, she plays a crucial role behind the scenes, leveraging her expertise to manage our branding and networking efforts. Her multifaceted contributions are a cornerstone of our success.

Rod Vaught Rod Vaught Medical Director

Dr. Rodney Vaught is an emergency medicine doctor in Alaska and Washington. His leadership bridges the gap between medical knowledge and field practices, resulting in effective, life-saving interventions. As our 24/7 emergency medical director, he ensures the best medical practices.

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