Course Policies & Information for Students

Welcome to GEMS EMS Instruction

We are committed to delivering the finest EMS instruction in the state, combining didactic learning with hands-on skills to ensure the highest quality of education. The guidelines outlined below are designed to foster a secure and enriching learning environment for all students.

Course Overview

Our courses align with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Alaska Objectives and Curriculums, equipping students with essential EMS knowledge and skills.

Course Requirements

  • Reliable internet connection.
  • Access to
  • Kindle Access for eBooks.

Assignments & Homework

Expect periodic homework assignments throughout the course, accessible via the classroom.

Active Class Participation

Participation is compulsory, fostering a respectful and inclusive learning atmosphere for all students.

Attendance Expectations

To meet Alaska's minimum objectives, each course day is packed with both material and time for hands-on practice. The course schedule does not accommodate makeup classes. Timely attendance is therefore crucial.

Failure to attend 80% of the course hours renders students ineligible for final testing. In case of absence, students must promptly contact their instructor to explore alternative ways of achieving course objectives. Unexcused absences exceeding 10 hours may lead to removal from the course, with exceptions for emergencies.

Incomplete Grades

Incomplete grades are uncommon but can be granted due to unforeseen emergencies. To qualify:

  • Completion of 80% of total coursework.
  • Completion of 80% of course hours prior to the emergency.
  • Inevitable and unexpected circumstances warranting incomplete grade.
  • Instructor's confidence in the student's potential to pass without the emergency.
  • All incomplete tasks must be finished within 10 days of the course's end date.

Course Documentation

Students must provide required prerequisite documentation upon registration. Ongoing records, such as skills portfolio sheets, are managed by students until completion. Once finished, instructors will upload them to the class record.

Administrative Withdrawal

Course policy violations may result in student withdrawal.

Classroom Safety

EMS skill practice involves potential risks. Stringent safety protocols are enforced. Professional conduct is expected, and actions that endanger staff or students are grounds for administrative withdrawal. Students must be free of intoxicants that might compromise classroom safety.

Harassment-Free Environment

Harassment of peers or faculty is unacceptable. Given the close nature of EMS training, respectful behavior toward fellow students is mandatory.

Grading Approach

Courses are Pass/Fail. Assessments help monitor progress. Contact your instructor if you identify areas needing improvement.

Course Completion Requirements

  • Attend 80% of class hours.
  • Submit all necessary documentation.
  • Complete the skills portfolio.
  • Pass the Written Exam with 70% or higher (up to 2 retries).

Disability Accommodations

Students with disabilities seeking reasonable accommodations should contact Kenya Skaflestad, GEMS Executive in Charge: / 907-723-1482.

Please adhere to these policies for a successful learning experience. We're excited to guide you through your EMS education journey at GEMS.

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