Instructor-Led Skill Sessions

Instructor-Led Skill Sessions

Complete your skills verification & hands-on training in person with a date that suits your needs.

Tuition: $0.00
Hours: 4 hours

Hands-On Sessions

Hands-on sessions for skills training for students are designed to provide practical experience and competence in several critical areas. 

Emergency Medical Skills: Training includes administering CPR, using automated external defibrillators (AEDs), managing trauma injuries, controlling bleeding, and handling other urgent medical conditions.

Rescue Operations: This can include extrication techniques (like removing a person from a crashed car), water rescue, and search and rescue operations in various environments.

Communication and Coordination: Exercises that improve communication on the scene of an emergency, including coordination with other first responders and emergency services.

Use of Technology and Equipment: Familiarization with the latest technology and equipment used in emergency response, such as GPS devices, communication equipment, and medical devices.

Scenario-Based Drills: Simulating real-life scenarios to enhance decision-making skills, situational awareness, and teamwork under pressure.

These sessions are crucial for building the confidence and skills necessary to respond effectively and safely to emergencies, ensuring first responders are prepared to handle a wide range of situations on the job.