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Expert Production Assistant Services with a Safety-First Approach 

Welcome to a new era of TV/Film production support! At GEMS, we bring you more than just Production Assistants (PAs) – we bring you a team of dedicated professionals committed to elevating your project's success while prioritizing safety above all else. Our PAs are not only industry-savvy but also certified in Wilderness and Remote First Aid, ensuring your crew's well-being, especially during outdoor shoots.

Why GEMS for Your Production Assistant Needs?

Experience that Transforms: Our PAs boast extensive experience across diverse productions, granting them a deep understanding of industry dynamics, needs, and challenges.

Safety is Our Cornerstone: In the unpredictable realm of production, safety stands paramount. With our Wilderness and Remote First Aid certification, we're equipped to handle emergencies, allowing you to focus on creativity with confidence.

Harmonious Collaboration: Seamlessly becoming a part of your team, we forge connections across departments, facilitating streamlined communication and efficient workflows.

Solution-Driven: Challenges are opportunities for us. We excel under pressure, swiftly resolving issues to keep your production on track.

Adaptability Redefined: Our PAs thrive in any environment – urban, remote, or challenging terrains. From bustling cities to untamed landscapes, we adapt and deliver.

Our Comprehensive Services:

Preparedness Unleashed: We ensure the set is primed – equipment readied, signs positioned – before the camera rolls.

Crowd Management: Our adept PAs orchestrate extras and crowd scenes, ensuring a controlled and efficient shooting environment.

Gear Assistance: We provide expert aid in equipment setup and breakdown, ensuring your gear is handled with precision.

Safety Guardian: With our Wilderness and Remote First Aid prowess, we safeguard your crew, promptly addressing any health emergencies.

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Choose excellence. Choose safety. Choose GEMS – where your vision is nurtured, and safety is cherished. Let's bring your cinematic masterpiece to life, together!

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