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On-Set Care Redefined: 

Set Medic Services for TV/Film Productions! 

Welcome to a new era of on-set healthcare support! At GEMS, we bring you more than just medical aid – we bring you a team of dedicated Set Medics committed to ensuring the health and well-being of your cast and crew throughout your TV/Film production.

Why Choose GEMS for Your Production?

Medical Expertise: Our Set Medics are seasoned healthcare professionals with specialized training in on-set medical care, bringing a wealth of medical expertise to your production.

Immediate Response: In the event of a medical emergency, our Set Medics are equipped to provide rapid response and critical care, ensuring the safety of your team.

Seamless Integration: We seamlessly integrate into your production team, collaborating with various departments to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

Proactive Health Measures: Beyond emergencies, our Set Medics offer preventive care, health advice, and guidance to keep your cast and crew in their best shape.

Adaptability and Preparedness: Our Set Medics excel in any filming environment, ensuring that health and safety standards are upheld, whether on a bustling set or in a remote location.

Our Comprehensive Set Medic Services:

Emergency Medical Care: Our Set Medics are equipped to handle medical emergencies, providing immediate care and stabilization until further medical assistance arrives.

Medical Assessments: We conduct thorough assessments of injuries and illnesses, offering recommendations for treatment and whether further medical attention is required.

Health & Safety Oversight: Our Set Medics actively monitor the set for potential health hazards and offer guidance to mitigate risks.

Medication Management: We manage prescribed medications for the cast and crew, ensuring compliance and safe administration.

Temperature Checks: In today's health-conscious environment, our Set Medics conduct regular temperature checks to promote a healthy production space.

Health Education: We provide health-related workshops and information sessions to empower your team to make informed choices about their well-being.

Secure Your Production's Health with GEMS Today!

Put health first. Connect with us now to discuss your on-set medical needs, receive a customized quote, and experience the unparalleled care of GEMS.

Choose excellence in on-set care. Choose GEMS – where your team's health is our priority. Let's create a production environment that's healthy, secure, and thriving.


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